Crystal Bradley

Nurse Practitioner

Crystal Bradley, NP is a graduate of University of Texas Medical Branch, where she received a Bachelor of Science. She also attended graduate school at Indiana State University in 2015. Crystal Bradley, NP trained in Houston, Texas at Harris Health System in varies departments, during her internship. During her internship, she learned to provide superior care and consultation that resulted in an overall improvement of the department’s patient satisfaction. She focused on the patient treatment and reevaluated several methods of treatment to tailored to a patient’s individual patient history and efficacy of previous treatments.


Her experiences in Nurse Practitioner school eventually led her to work for Harris Health system for the past four years. Currently, Crystal Bradley, NP holds a certification from the AANP “American Association of Nurse Practitioners” for (Family Nurse Practitioner). Mrs. Bradley was also recognized as a clinical nurse specialist in 2017, where she holds and advance certification in certified medical surgical nurse.


Philosophy of Care

As a humble nurse practitioner, I will focus on delivering both patient-centered and patient-driven care. While building unique relationship with the patient and family. I will strive to work with the patients, spouses, families and loved ones to ensure their patients receive the best care possible, while promoting and ensuring the continuity of care across the healthcare setting. I look forward to having my patients become a partner in their own care and be able to gain control and understanding of their own health and wellbeing. At the end of the visit my goal is to create an experience so that the patient may not remember the laboratory results or vital signs divulged, but hopefully they will remember how I made them feel valuable, empowered, and respected when choosing their provision of care.